Transform your child’s mindset & give them a head start in life

Strider Kids Coaching helps children build a strong foundation of mindset and thinking habits, so they can have the self-confidence and mental resilience to be future-ready and enjoy a more successful journey.

Self-Motivation & Self-Leadership, Growth Mindset & Positive Thinking

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When children are confident, emotionally resilient and strong self-leaders, they:

  • Believe in their own capability and ability, and approach their tasks with “I can do this” rather than wallowing in self-doubts.

  • Bounce back from a failed attempt and want to try again, believing they can do better.

  • Focus on finding solutions on their own rather than expecting someone to bail them out.

  • Manage their big feelings/emotions and feel less stress and anxiety.

  • Look at ‘trying new things’ as a challenge rather than a stop sign.

Kids often hold onto their mistakes and embarrassments because they don’t know how to move past them.

At Strider Kids Coaching, children are coached on how they can move past mistakes and negative experiences quickly, and give them the tools to overcome their recurring blocks so they can achieve more.

Our focus is not on the problem but on the solution – a fast and lasting solution.

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Just as Maya Angelou once said, “When you know better, you do better.” When children know better, they do better too.

Here’s what kids and parents are saying about our program?

“It was fun and I learned how I can control my big feelings.”

Ben J, 7 years old

“The session was fun and interesting. I learned a mind trick today to help me do better and that I have to believe I CAN DO IT.”

Joan C, 10 years old

“My daughter is coming out of her shell… She loves Anna!”

Anne, Mother of 2

“I really enjoyed the session. And I learned that with practice and effort, I can do anything.”

Sivani A, 11 years old

“Anna is very sincere when it comes to really do her best to help you reach your goals for your child.”

Mike, Father of 3
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