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You are invited to a complimentary Intro Session – it is an opportunity to find out if coaching is for you and if we are the right match to work together.

Coaching Packages

Coaching sessions run for 60 minutes at a mutually agreed place and time. Sessions can be held face-to-face or over the phone, Skype/Zoom or a combination thereof.

Kick-start Coaching Package

For those who feel stuck or at a cross road, or simply want to be your better self and achieve more in life. Figuring out a direction that is right for you is not always straight forward but you have to start somewhere in order to get there. Here is a good place to start.

We will work on gaining clarity around your purpose and vision to ensure that they are aligned with what you really want to achieve next in life personally or professionally. Once we have achieved that clarity, we then identify steps to get there. You will be empowered with new tools and strategies to handle the future with confidence.

This package includes:

  • 6 x 60 mins sessions over 3 months (Weekly or Fortnightly sessions)
  • Assessments and exercises as required to optimise results
  • Unlimited support via emails between sessions
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Changes can be challenging and the unfamiliar can be confronting. This is for you if you want to position yourself with a strong foundation in your transition into that new life or new role, whether through a promotion, different job scope or taking a leap to a new career/life move. Together, we can get there faster and more effectively.

We will work on getting clarity on what you need to have in order for you to succeed. We will develop the strategy and an action plan to achieve the results you want. I will be working alongside you and supporting you as you build your momentum, and keeping your focus on track with your goals as you go on your journey to new success.

This package includes:

  • 12 x 60 mins sessions over 6  to 12 months (Weekly or Fortnightly sessions)
  • Assessments and exercises as required to optimise results
  • Unlimited support via emails between sessions
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On Going Monthly Coaching (Available upon completion of any of the coaching packages with us)

This is for those who has already ‘worked’ it out, yet wishes to have the on-going support of a coach to help keep you focused and accountable as you continue on your success journey to new highs.

This package includes:

  • 2 x 1hr sessions or 1 x 2hrs session monthly as required
  • This is a monthly engagement so you may start or stop as you see fit
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“Anna helped me realise that it wasn’t because of a lack of opportunity or platform, but my fears, that’s been holding me back. After years of learning and thinking about my dream, Anna has given me the clarity and courage to finally step out of it. Now I can see what I already have instead of focusing on what I don’t have. It has become clear to me what exactly I have to do next.”

Samuel T, HR Professional

“I started working with Anna with some clear professional goals, but as we started working, I realised I wasn’t sure why I wanted certain things in life. By talking to Anna over the last 4-5 sessions, I got a lot of clarity and now I have a mid-term goal statement which is like a compass for the next few years.

I am grateful to her for what she has helped me achieve. While I was sceptical in the middle, I came out of the 6th session really satisfied. I was blown away by the exercise of coming down to my core values. Such a great finding.”

Shan K, Director

“Anna has a great coaching style. She achieves a great balance between listening and asking the right questions at the right time. Anna works in true partnership. She will give you the space in the conversation to take the lead and challenge you when you need to be challenged. She is a great listener and helps you draw out the purpose behind the actions you are considering so that you clearly define your version of success and how to achieve it.”

Paul T, Business Owner/Consultant and Coach

Anna, it is my blessing to have connected with you. I have definitely benefited from our one-hour conversation. You are amazing. In such a short duration, you have already facilitated a conversation which gives me so much clarity and ah-ha moments. You have empowered me with your easy approach. My new venture no longer sounds so scary. I am filled with confidence and joy to embrace the road ahead. Once again, great pleasure to have known you, a lady with a beautiful heart. A big Thank YOU.

Carol Hoon, Entrepreneur

“Anna was able to help me uncover the blind spots in my business so I could work towards possible solutions and achieved immediate results which brought me closer to my goals. She had the ability to really understand the situation as it was and communicated deeply, giving me the clarity and focus to come up with solutions that enhanced the potential and possibility of reaching my set targets for the year.”

Francis ST, Realtor

“The five sessions were all ground-breaking experiences for me. It gave me clarity on many areas in my life. The dedication and commitment displayed by the coach was the sole reason that the experiences were so immense for me. The sessions were detailed and patiently conducted. Thank-you Anna.”

Dr. Anne Netto, Lawyer


“We can choose to live a purposeful life, engaging our energy towards creating a significant and meaningful existence.”
Strider Coaching believes in the power of choice and of raising people’s awareness of the choices they have. We are dedicated to the empowerment of individuals in choosing a path that leads to a fulfilling life.


Our mission is to empower and support the transformation of individuals aspiring to achieve the next level of success in their professional and personal development.


Our approach is personalised, non-judgemental and supportive, empowering our clients to actual actions that will lead them to achieve their desired goals. We value respectful and trusting relationships, and we achieve this by providing a safe and supportive place for our clients to explore their options and design their own success.